Kajal’s iDiwali 

With Diwali around the corner, vacation too is around. While we light all the corners of our house, won’t we be enlightening the most important corner in the world… Our kid’s “Mind”  So how to do that? Prompt answer is Knowledge.

Being an avid researcher in Indian and world History and Mythology, I was searching for something that imparts basic and yet complete information on the enormous tale ~Ramayan. Guess what I found?? A perfect book for kids to spend this Diwali with!

iDiwali – from Mythology to DIY cards

Just encountered a wonder book. It’s a kid’s activity book which garners information on why Diwali? Who were involved in making this festival, such a massive celebration. It caters the age group between 3 to 9 years. The cover page in a Tablet Layout is so attractive that it instantly grabs the attention of our naughty little ones. Saying it by personal experience 😉 Both my very naughty boys age 8 years and 4 years weren’t interested in their gadgets for a good long time as they were busy checking out #iDiwali by #KajalDharod  !! Well that’s a victory forsure.

Oh what a best way to learn lineage and family tree. Yes there are exercises in the book which helps them understand proceeding and succeeding characters and occurance of Ramayan. There are relevant festive stickers and #DIY (Do it yourself) Diwali cards which will be a wonderful indoor activity for kids this vacation. Isn’t that we want always? Our kids doing something productive instead of watching those crybaby cartoons?? 

The Psychology of a child is like a magnet. It attracts and want to grab everything around. Let’s feed the magnet with the right kind of elements for an overall growth of our kids. iDiwali is just that.

Safe, Conceptual and Comprehensive Learning

It needs very little attention by Parents, unlike those scissors and glue activity books, where we are in a constant scare of our lil precious kiddos hurting themselves and we end up keeping our eyeballs popped open wide all through! Oh iDiwali is such a relief. This book not only helps understand the in-depth concept of Diwali and Ramayan but it is also instrumental in seeding the Creative skill (which is very important for the wholistic growth of a child) which distinguishes this book from others available in the market. Go Grab a copy right ahead. 

“There is so much to Unlearn and learn” says Kajal Dharod who is the Author of this book. Being into finance and Marketing, she is also very fond of methodical teaching and has succeeded is cementing this brilliant learning platform for kids. What makes this book more real is that she is one of us…. A Mommy of four year old twins.

 And it’s priced reasonably. Just Rs. 299 for an experience full of narratives, themes, creative ideas, attractive stickers and more!! You can visit their website http://www.yourlearningcapsule.com or https://www.amazon.in/dp/B075W3YPDP

You can also Paytm on 98199 03276 to place an order. Don’t forget to mention your name and contact number. Own a copy of iDiwali right away.


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