He Tamed Ganga…He carries trishul, wears animal skin, ensembles d snake as a necklace, drinks bhang,  drank Vish…When he is angry, worlds collapse!  He dances d Tandav! But when he sees bhakti, even Ravan gets vardaan! What a God, what an image, what a beautiful depiction!

Classic, to demonstrate that no matter what we wear, what surrounds us or  what we consume…we can still maintain our innocence, our purity of soul!
Jai Bhole baba…Har Har Mahadev! Happy MahaShivratri 🙏

Thinking Loud:

Friendship brings out the wicked, naughty, crazy in U,
Love brings out the very BEST, confident, creative,  efficient in U,
Break Up brings out the Traveller in U 😛
But having a baby…. Brings out the MARTYR in U….. U can combat anyone from cockroachs and lizards to dinosaurs 😀 😀 combat LIFE and it’s challenges….for ur baby