Decoding Ancient Scriptures, Texts and Proverbs…. What they really wanted to convey! part 1

The blog is about decoding Ancient Scriptures, Texts and Proverbs. Although we may never know what Past really wanted to convey, we can add 2 + 2 and browse through the wonderful legacies left behind for us in the form of Veda, Purans, Upnishads, Maha kavyas and hearsay stories carried forward by our ancestors. 

It will be a several part series where we will discuss only few points in one post.

Lets begin from the beginning. Brahma! 

The origins of the Lord which is one of the TRIMURTI are undefined. He is often termed as the ULTIMATE REALITY (Brahman). Pandits are often termed as Brahmin. Their mention is seen several times in Vedic Scripts. We can safely presume Him to be a Vedic God.

Despite being such an important aspect of evolution, how many of us worship Him? There too is a reason which we will discuss in the next post.

Big bang never created Universe, may be earth or even solar system but certainly not the entire Universe or Multi -verse. It always existed and will continue to exist. Vedic Scripts also refer to Parallel realities. As per calculations, one day of Brahma equals 4320 million years. This span is called a Kalpa. Each Kalpa is further divided into Chaturyugs (4 yugs). Naming them is easy… First one is Krita yug or Satya yug. Second is Treta, making third Dvapar and fourth Kali yug. Due to different calculation systems, the starting point of any yug is not clear in our scripts but this blog is an effort to join the dots, research the past and arrive at the Primeval Truth. There is a clear mention in Mahabharat about the beginning of Kaliyug. Which makes Krishna’s demise the end of Dvapar you. Approximately, 14 years after Krishna’s death in his earthly form, the Kaliyug commensed. According to a researcher Ludo Rocher, the total of all yugs is somewhere close to 4320000 years. 

Watch out this space and blog for more on Mahabharat, Yugs, Gita and Manvantaras.